Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Another day, another fight, another disqualification. Zimbabwe is out of the Big Brother Africa StarGame after two of its contestants, Roki and Maneta, turned on each other after a disagreement.
The two Upville contestants had a disagreement that turned nasty after Roki poured water on Maneta and she in turn, poured bleach on his face.
Roki then called for help from fellow mates who quickly intervened to save the situation but he had already sustained injuries and tears rolling down his eyes.
Biggie was forced to cancel Keitta‘s diary room session and call Maneta into the diary room before deciding to send them packing for contravening the rule of violence which is punishable by expulsion.
Menata, who had been nominated for eviction, walked into the diary room saying "it's all over, it's all over" with her hands on her head.
The two housemates had been bickering all day and Big Brother had warned them that they needed to abide by the clearly stated house rules forbidding violence and provocation but they chose to disregard this instruction.
This is the second fight in upville in fortnight after DKB's infamous slap on Zainab and they were disqualified.
Roki and Maneta will be provided with psychological and medical treatment and counseling to assist them with conflict and anger management.

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