Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terry appeal shock

JOHN TERRY is today expected to finally admit defeat in his year-long fight to clear his name in the Anton Ferdinand racism scandal.

The Chelsea captain is set to announce he will NOT be appealing against an FA Commission finding that he racially abused the QPR defender during a match last year.

As a result Terry will now begin a four-match ban and pay a £220,000 fine the punishments imposed a fortnight ago by the commission.

That means he will now miss Saturday’s London derby with Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

He will also be sidelined for two showpiece clashes with Manchester United, one in the Premier League and the other in the Capital One Cup.

And his final match out will the league clash with Swansea on November 3.

Terry, 31, is now paying the penalty for his high-profile slanging match with Ferdinand during a match between Queens Park Rangers and Chelsea at Loftus Road on October 23, 2011.

Cameras captured the Chelsea captain during an angry exchange with the Rangers star.

The footage landed him in Westminster Magistrates Court to face criminal charges although he was cleared of any offence.

But then the FA announced they would be completing their own inquiry, which had been put on hold at the request of the Crown Prosecution Service pending the criminal proceedings.

Terry promptly ended his international career with England in protest at the FA pursuing him, even though he had been cleared in court.

But now the former Three Lions skipper has apparently decided to call an end to his long and determined battle to refute all suggestions that he acted in a racist manner.

Source; The sun

Sista aibuka mshindi shujaa Mama wa Chakula

Mshindi wa kwanza wa shindano la Mama Shujaa wa Chakula 2012 Sista Martha Mwasu kutoka mkoani Dodoma (kushoto) akiwa na zawadi baada ya kuibuka mshindi wa shindano la Mama Shujaa wa Chakula, 2012. Katikati ni mshindi wa pili kutoka mkoani Kagera Bi. Emiliana Eligaesha, kulia ni Naibu Waziri Mawasiliano Sayansi na Teknolojia Mh. January Makamba.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alessandra Ambrosio to don $2.5 million Victoria’s Secret bra

Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has been chosen to model the $2.5 million fantasy bra at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show — just months after giving birth! The mom of 4-year-old daughter Anja and 5-month-old son Noah will don the pricey lingerie on this year's annual holiday TV special.

The 31-year-old will work the runway in the Floral Fantasy Bra Gift Set, designed exclusively for Victoria's Secret by London Jewelers, consisting of a Very Sexy pushup bra, embellished with sparkly gems set in gold, a glitzy centerpiece, and a matching belt. The sexy set features approximately 5,200 gems in all!

Ambrosio, one of Victoria's Secret's longtime Angels, reveals to People that she was shocked and excited to find out just three weeks after Noah's birth that she'd been selected to model the barely-there ensemble. "I just wanted to scream," she tells the magazine. "But I won't lie, I was really worried. I was in total mother mode." Once Ambrosio's doctor cleared her to exercise, she started walking and doing yoga for the first two months, then moved on to daily sessions of cardio and Pilates

Announcing Line Up | Sauti za Busara 2013

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Sauti za Busara 2013
The Line Up
Call for Donors & Sponsors
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Sauti za Busara 2013

Sauti za Busara 2013
It’s February, it’s humid and the sun is shining. The Indian Ocean waves gently lap the dazzling white sands. You remove your sandals to feel the sand between your toes. The breeze is gentle, bringing hints of cinnamon, vanilla and cloves. You look forwards to fresh seafood for dinner. What will it be today, lobster or prawns, pilipili perch or grilled marlin? Then a short stroll through Stone Town leads you to the Old Fort, home of the world’s most amazing African music festival…
Sauti za Busara brings people together in celebration of the richness and variety of African music. Sauti za Busara enjoys a global reputation for its world-class programming, technical standards, unique location, warm and friendly spirit. For the 10th edition in February 2013 we showcase Best of the Best, including audience favourites of past years.
Centred within the ancient walls of Zanzibar’s Old Fort, the main stage hosts hundreds of musicians and performers from all over Africa. An open air cinema in the adjacent amphitheatre screens music films from the African Continent and diaspora. Meanwhile throughout town, Zanzibar plays host to a variety of fringe events, aka Busara Xtra.
SzB logoSzB postcardFestival Audience

The Line Up

mlimani Park Ochestra
More artists are being confirmed. For latest updates see festival homepage

Call for Donors & Sponsors

Call for Donors & Festival Sponsors
Daily tickets for the festival cost less than US$2 for Tanzanian citizens. To help keep the event affordable for local people we rely on ticket sales from international visitors, as well as partnerships with donors and sponsors.
Partners are acknowledged in newsletters and on various pages on the website, as well as in festival programmes, venue banners, slide projections, video screenings, stage announcements, email signatures, press releases and more. Supporters get complimentary passes, invitations to the VIP Lounge, Movers & Shakers and other special events.
If you are interested to partner with Sauti za Busara 2013, please email for more information.

Last Call for Music Films

Last Call for Music Films
The festival screens music films, clips and videos as a complementary programme to the main stage performances. The Old Fort’s seated Amphitheatre transforms into a cinema space where festival audiences gather to watch big screen projections of contemporary music stories from all around Africa.
Feature length films, music clips, concert footage, music documentaries and experimental films are programmed. We’re looking primarily for:
  • Films telling a story about music or musicians from the African Continent and diaspora
  • Films representing the wealth and diversity of music from East Africa and beyond
  • Music films of interest to local, regional and international audiences
  • Films with great visuals, quality sound and music that is firmly rooted in Africa
  • Films including new and unheard of sounds, as well as established artists
  • Foreign language films should ideally be subtitled in Kiswahili and/or English
Your application can only be considered by the Selection Committee if we have received a completed application including two DVD copies of the film before 16 November 2012.

Tickets & Passes

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The Old Fort in Stone Town has limited capacity. For peace of mind we recommend you book tickets early. A limited number will also be on sale at the venue from 10:00am, Thurs 14 February.

Friends of Busara

Friends of Busara
Please help us keep Sauti za Busara alive and growing. Support THE East African music festival and target your message to music enthusiasts, culture vultures, eco-travellers and arts professionals from all over the world. For only US$600, we offer links to your business from festival website pages and e-newsletters. Advertising space is also available in festival souvenir programme.

Movers & Shakers

The festival attracts a wide range of music professionals. The Movers and Shakers forum takes place each afternoon and provides the perfect opportunity for artists, managers, media and related professionals to share information, exchange ideas and network for strengthening regional markets.

Stalls & Traders

Limited spaces are available for stalls and traders, eg local food, arts and crafts. Click here for more information.

Busara Xtra

Around festival time, the island is buzzing with a range of fringe events: traditional ngoma drum and dance, fashion shows, dhow races, open-mic sessions, beach parties and performances of Zanzibar’s oldest taarab orchestras are arranged by the local community.

Visitor Info

Visitor Info
Here's everything you need to know for planning your visit:

  • For video and media highlights click here

    Donors & Sponsors

    Festival organisers are pleased to acknowledge the faith, vision and support of donors and sponsors, without whom Sauti za Busara would not be possible. We've received some promises and still need more …
    So far, Sauti za Busara 2013 is powered by:
    Norwegian EmbassyHivos
    GotheInstitutGrand MaltMemories of Zanzibar

    Contact us

    Busara Promotions logo
    Busara Promotions
    PO Box 3535
    Stone Town
    Zanzibar, Tanzania
    Find us on the airport road, opposite Golf Club
    busara@busara.or.tzTel: +255 24 223 2423
    or +255 773 822 294

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    Tanzania yapata shujaa mpya

    Kwa mara ya kwanza kabisa katika historia ya nchi yetu kijana Wilfred Moshi, Mbongo wa kawaida tu (anayefanya kazi ya upagazi kuwahudumia watalii wanaopanda mlima Kilimanjaro), ameweka rekodi mpya ya kuwa Mtanzania wa kwanza kupanda Everest - mlima mrefu kushinda yote duniani.

    Hivi karibuni, Moshi, alialikwa majuma matano nchini Uingereza kutembelea shule mbalimbali za Scotland akakutana na takribani wanafunzi 5,000 .

    Wanafunzi walitaka kufahamu namna alivyopanda mlima Everest wenye mita 8,848 (futi 29, 029). Mlima huu mgumu kuukwea kuliko yote ulimwenguni umewahi kupandwa na na watu 4,000 toka ulipoanza kufikiwa kileleni na Edmund Hillary na Sherpa Tenzig Norgay mwaka 1953. Kati ya hao 200 walifariki.

    Mwaka huu wanne wameshafariki wakiijaribu shughuli hii inayochukua miezi miwili na kugharimu Dola 100,000 (Shilingi milion 157,500,000) Linganisha na mlima Kilimanjaro unaodai siku tano na gharama (ikiwepo vifaa husika) Dola 2,000 (Shilingi milioni 3, 161).

    Wilfred Moshi ni Mtanzania wa kwanza na Mwafrika wa tatu kufikia kilele cha kitendawili hiki Mei 19 2012 (kilichoitwa “Chomolungma” na wenyeji kabla ya kubatizwa jina la Everest na Waingereza enzi za ukoloni)  Wilfred aliyezaliwa mwaka 1979 na kumaliza kidato cha sita shule ya Kilimanjaro Boys, amekuwa akipanda mlima Kilimanjaro tangu angali bado shuleni na miaka 19.

    Mara baada ya kuwasili Edinburgh, Scotland alikaribishwa bungeni akakutana na Waziri wa Sheria mheshimiwa Kenneth MacAskill na viongozi wengine. Safari ilikirimiwa na shirika la “Twende Pamoja” lililoanzishwa na Mike Knox miaka 30 iliyopita. “Twende Pamoja” imejenga ushirikiano kati ya wanafunzi wa Scotland na shule 34 za Kitanzania. Ni moja ya mashirika, watu binafsi na wafadhili mbalimbali ulimwenguni waliochangia fedha za kumwezesha Moshi kupanda mlima Everest.

    Balozi wetu Uingereza, Mheshimiwa Peter Kallaghe vile vile alisafiri toka London kumtembelea Wilfred Moshi na kumpa heko. Umbali wa London had Scotland ni kama Dar es Salaam hadi Kigoma!

    Kwanini Moshi anahusudu kupanda milima?

    Ukweli sisi bado hatuoni umaana (au umuhimu) wa kupanda milima. Anasema lengo lake lilikuwa kutimiza ndoto ya Mtanzania wa kwanza kupanda Everest. Pili, upandaji milima ni moja ya njia zinazoweza kusaidia kujenga jamii kwa misaada na fadhila za mashirika yasiyo ya kiserikali (NGO). Tujiulize vipi alisaidiwa na watu wengi namna hiyo kuchangia fedha takikana? Tatu, Moshi amethibitisha ukiwa na moyo na jitihada unaweza kufanya lolote.


    Ushujaa na ushupavu wake utasaidia kuwahamasisha Watanzania kuwa ukitaka kufanya jambo lolote lile unaweza ili mradi uwe na moyo na nidhamu. Mpanda milima mashuhuri, Mike Hamill, aliyeshakwea milima yote mikubwa saba duniani anasema katika kitabu chake kipya (“Climbing Seven Summits”) wapanda milima ni watu wenye moyo wa kufikia malengo na kufanikiwa katika maisha yao.

    Akiwa Uingereza Moshi alipanda mlima wa Ben Nevis mrefu kuzidi nchi hii- wenye mita 1,344 (futi 4, 409). Baada ya kuimudu milima mitatu sasa , Wilfred Moshi ameazimia kupanda milima katika mabara yote 7 duniani. Anasema amebakisha milima mitano: Aconcagua ( Marekani ya Kusini ), Kosciuszko (Australia), Vinson Massif ( Antarctica) McKinley(Alaska) na Elbrus(Urusi).

    Mungu ambariki Mtanzania huyu mwenye jazba na hamasa anayetuletea sifa.


    Imeandikwa na Freddy Macha kwa ushirikiano na Urban Pulse

    Picha zote hisani ya Wilfred Moshi na Urban Pulse



    1. Endelea kufananisha picha. Lakini endelea pia kujenga mashaka kama nilivyoandika siku mbili zilizopita.

    2. Kamanda alikuwa anatoka wapi - sherehe?

    3. Alimbeba nani - mwalimu? Lifti? Kutoka wapi kwenda wapi? Mwalimu alikuwa anatoka wapi usiku huo? Hajaolewa? Mume wake yuko safari au alighairi sherehe? Mume wa mwalimu ni nani? Wanaishi wapi? Alimwacha wapi mume wake na kubebwa na polisi mkuu wa mkoa? Aliwaacha wapi aliokuwa nao na yeye kupata lifti? Kwanza kabisa, alikuwa na nani kabla hajapewa lifti. Mtu wa mwisho kumwona mwalimu na polisi wakiondoka ni nani? Kama polisi alipakia abiria wengine walishuka wapi?

    4. Mkuu wa polisi na mwalimu walikuwa pamoja kwa muda gani wakiwa peke yao na wapi? A La Kairo au wapi? Hapo Kairo walikuwa wakifanya nini - tangu lini hadi lini? Mwalimu wa shule ya msingi ya Nyamagana, eti? Alikuwa anatoka wapi - naye kwenye sherehe hiyohiyo na Burlow?

    5. Mwalimu mkuu anasema nini? Dada yake? Ndugu zake wengine? Hivi polisi mkuu wa mkoa na mwalimu walikutana kwa bahati mbaya? Tafuta. Tafuta.

    6. Mahali aliposhambuliwa mkuu wa polisi ni karibu na kwake au kwa mwalimu?

    7. Endelea kujenga mashaka: Ofisa uhamiaji aliyenusurika yuko wapi katika sinema hii? Hajui lolote? Kati ya polisi mkuu na mwanamke, hakika hakuna pandikizi la kukamilisha sura ya sinema? Hakuna?????? Tafuta. kama lipo linaweza kuwa limewekwa na nani na kwa nini?

    8. Katika miaka mitatu iliyopita: Angalia kesi mahakamani Mwanza. Hakuna nyingi zinazohusu polisi na nyendo zao katika maisha ya familia mbalimbali? Hii ishu ya Burlow yaweza kuwa moja ya hizo? Uliza mahakimu - wamelalia malalamiko kwa kuwa polisi wamelalia uchunguzi na ushahidi? Tafuta.
    9. Yuko wapi mke wa polisi mkuu? Hakwenda kwenye sherehe? Alikatazwa? Hakupenda? Alijisikia vibaya? Hayupo Mwanza? Yuko wapi.
    10. SINEMA HII INAFANANA NA ILE YA UDAKU. SIYO! Acha vijana wafumue muone kitakachotoka kichakani. Na hicho ndicho mazoea, tabia na sasa utamaduni.
    11. Kumbuka Burlow alitoka mkoani Mara na mkondo wa wakimbizi na wahamiaji na utajiri wao, kama nilivyoeleza katika disipachi iliyopita, vina nafasi katika mahusiano na tabia za polisi na uhamiaji. Nani atajinyofoa katika hili lenya urefu na upana wa dunia.

    12. Naomba Katu na wengine, mwendelee kuchimba. Kama kweli Burlow amefariki katika mazingira hayo, nasema kuna jambo ambalo halina nyumba maalum. Liko kila nyumba ya mwenye madaraka; mwenye fedha za nyongeza. Bali alale pale ambako Mwenyezi Mungu atapenda.
    Hili ndilo geti ambalo kifo cha Kamanda wa polisi mkoa wa Mwanza RPC Liberatus Barlow kilitokea usiku  wakati mwalimu Dorcas Moses alipokuwa akirudishwa nyumbani kupitia lifti ya Kamanda Barlow

    Sunday, October 14, 2012


    Mrembo wa Ilala atwaa taji la Top Model


     Magdalena Roy
     MISS Dar City Center ambaye pia alishika nafasi ya pili katika shindano la Redd’s Miss Ilala, Magdalena Roy amefanikiwa kuingia 15 Bora ya Redd’s Miss Tanzania baada ya juzi usiku kufanikiwa kutwaa taji la Top Model.

     Magdalena anakuwa mrembo wa pili kuingia katika hatua hiyo, akiungana na LucyStephano kutoka Mbulu ambaye wiki iliyopita alitwaa taji la Miss Photogenic.

     Katika shindano la Top Model lililofanyika kwenye hoteli ya Naura Spring, mjini hapa lilikuwa na upinzani mkali kutoka kwa washiriki wote wa Redd’s Miss Tanzania.

     Mbali na Magdalena warembo wengine waliofanikiwa kuingia katika tano bora walikuwa ni Mary Chizi (Ilala), Irene Veda (Lindi), Belinda Mbogo (Dodoma) na Sina Revocatus (Elimu ya Juu).

     Warembo hao waliondoka jana mjini Arusha kuelekea Tanga kwa ajili ya kutembelea mapango ya Amboni, kabla ya kurejea Dar es Salaam keshokutwa.