Sunday, June 24, 2012


Fashion is like art, you should know how to combine colors and make them look appealing to your audience. Knowing the right colors to complement your skin, your style, and the event will certainly add an “oomph” to your personality. You definitely do not want to look disoriented, do you? Matching yellow hues with baby blue and light pink shades would make you look like an oversized marshmallow  a total fashion blunder. But with these fashion tips, you'll be sure to pull off great color combinations.

The basic knowledge about mixing and matching colors for apparels is that black, white, and gray go with everything. They are what we call neutral. If you like to experiment with psychedelic prints, try out this combination first. It is safe since mixing the three would just give you the classic look. But like I have said, they go with any color, so you can pair white or black with yellow, red, blue, brown, or purple. For gray colors, you can pair them with blue, pink, or beige. The list is actually endless. However, it also depends on the package that you want. If you prefer something light to the eyes, pick pastel colors (i.e., white + pink/beige/yellow).

The right color mix: red and pink with a baby yellow accent.

Before seeing the rare combination of red, pink and yellow together, I would’ve never considered wearing the combo but girl shows us what it looks like when it’s done well. Pair the look with gold, brass or brown leather accents and you won’t fail to impress!

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