Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chris Brown Injured After Fight With Drake In NYC Club

Drake made an appearance at Sin City cabaret in the Bronx, New York on Wednesday night where he attended the listening session for Rick Ross and MMG’s Self Made Vol 2. album, but the YMCMB rapper reportedly got into a fight with Chris Brown later in the night, over Rihanna?
According to TMZ Drake got into a scuffle with Chris Brown at Manhattan’s WIP nightclub in the wee hours of Thursday morning, with the NYPD confirming that the two entertainers were at the center of the drama. Cops reportedly responded to a call between 4am and 5am, but when they showed up both Breezy and Drake had already left the scene.
Global Grid reports that the drama began when Brown sent a bottle over to Drake's table, and the YMCMB rapper came over to confront him and argue about Rihanna (apparently with some encouragement from Meek Mill). Drake reportedly punched him in the face and threw a bottle at him, before Brown could hit back.

After the fight Chris Brown tweeted a photo showing a deep cut on his chin, writing, "N----s throwing bottles! Y'all n---z weak! Ok! N----s stand behind security!!!! Ok! U don't pay them enough! N----s hiding in the bathroom bitch ass n----s! And I'm the singer? Bottles? It's nothing! How u party wit rich n---- that hate? Lol... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!."

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