Wednesday, October 3, 2012


  • Don't copy some other person's makeup, switch it up! be yourself ! Do what you want! But if you like it take parts !!!!!
  • Know your style and work it! Show off your inner beauty with your eye makeup!
  • Don't apply harsh colors to cheeks especially if you have larger pores, this will help with the invisibility of your pores. If you don't have visible pores still use this tip because it will look fake and you will get the stripe that is mentioned a few tips down.

  • When you apply eyeshadow, it's common for specks of color to fall onto your face. This is a pain to get rid of after you've already perfected your foundation. If this happens frequently, apply your eyeshadow first, clean up the mess and then apply foundation. Alternatively, if there are only a few specks, you can just very carefully pick them up off your skin with tweezers.
  • Eyeshadow sometimes falls onto your eyelashes and on oily skin, and it can smudge underneath your eye. To avoid this, use a make-up wipe or a cotton bud with a little make-up remover on it, and gently sweep it over your eyelashes from root to tip to pick up any leftover eyeshadow.

  •  Focus on one part, or two at most, of your face. Don't use a bold hue of lipstick with stand-out eyeliner and a bright shade of blush. Instead, zero in on the eyes and lips, or blush/skin. Keep it simple; don't over-do your makeup applications.
    Quality is always better than quantity. If you have $50 for your entire face, don't get 10 cheap things, get 4 good-quality things ($25 foundation, $10 mascara, $10 for blush, and then a $5 lip-gloss).

     Make sure that your lips do not look chapped or cracked before you put on lipstick. If your lips are chapped, lightly brush off the dead skin cells with a toothbrush or towel. Next, apply chapstick with an SPF of 15 so your lips will look great all day. This way you have a nice, smooth, clean canvas to work with

    When choosing eye makeup, take the occasion into consideration. For everyday makeup, just use a pencil. Black or dark brown will do. Liquid eyeliners are best for special occasions. Your eyeliner should be more natural looking for day makeup, and can be a bit heavier for evening looks. If you want a more dramatic look, dot the eyeliner under the lash line, then use the angle brush to blend. Your mascara will bring the eyes out more.
  • Take as much time as you need. It allows you to figure out what looks best on your face. If you try to rush, you might do some damage to your skin by dragging.
  • If your skin doesn't look smooth, put foundation on before the other makeup, making it look smooth

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