Thursday, October 25, 2012


Pan African designer, Mustafa Hassanali pursues fashion as a religion. Being Tanzania’s premier and most celebrated wedding and evening gown designer. With an A-list clientele, Hassanali is considered a fashion guru.

Mustafa Hassanali, who having showcased in 16 Countries Globally in 25 Cities and also named One of Africa’s Top Male Fashion designer by UK’s NEW AFRICAN WOMAN MAGAZINE.

This Collection is named Afrilaal Collection. “Afri” a short from of Africa and “Laal” Hindi for Colour red summates however vast and varied Africa is but the Colour of blood flowing through our veins is same. This collection in addition will be used to advocate awareness of the reality of HIV/AIDS, thus SEE RED, THINK HIV/AIDS.

AFRILAAL will be Mustafa Hassanli FIFTH collection in year 2012, and his NINTH show in SOUTH AFIRCA

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